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Turmeric Bulb
arrow Turmeric Bulb

Grade: Special
Pieces max. wt. %:
Foreign matter max. wt. %: 1.0
Defective max. wt. %: 1.0

Bulbs max. wt. % :

These Turmeric Bulbs are effectively used to manufacture medicines and treat different types of ailments like Ulcer, Menstrual disorders, and Hepatitis. Turmeric Bulbs that we Supply are well packed using superb quality material so as to save it from moisture, dust and other harms, during the storage and transit to different destinations.
Color Bright yellow 
Flavor & Aroma Earthy aroma and a pungent, slightly bitter flavor
Bouquet Earthy and slightly acrid

Main constituents

Turmeric contains an essential oil max. 5%, this contains a variety of sesquiterpenes specific for the species
In turmeric most important for the aroma are 
Turmerone: Max. 30% 
Ar-turmerone: 25%
Zingiberene: 25%
Conjugated Diarylheptanoids are responsible for the orange colour and probably for the spicy taste (3 - 4%)