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Turmeric Finger
arrow Turmeric Fingers

Grade: Special
Pieces max. wt. %: 2.0
Foreign matter max. wt. %: 1.0
Defective max. wt. %: 0.5

Bulbs max. wt. % : 2.0

Finger like shape, breaks with a metallic twang well set and close grained be perfectly dry: free from damage from weevils, over boiling, etc.   
Color Bright yellow 
Flavor & Aroma Earthy aroma and a pungent, slightly bitter flavor
Bouquet Earthy and slightly acrid

Main constituents

Turmeric contains an essential oil max. 5%, this contains a variety of sesquiterpenes specific for the species
In turmeric most important for the aroma are 
Turmerone: Max. 30% 
Ar-turmerone: 25%
Zingiberene: 25%
Conjugated Diarylheptanoids are responsible for the orange colour and probably for the spicy taste (3 - 4%)